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Our Dry Eye Management Solutions

Dry eye is one of the conditions that we treat at Freehold Eye & Vision Care. Find out what dry eye is and what its symptoms are so you’ll know when to seek medical advice and treatment.

What is Dry Eye?

The eyes need a healthy tear layer to see clearly and comfortably. The tears consist of three layers: lipid, water, and mucus. If any of these layers are deficient or too abundant, the eyes will experience various dry eye symptoms such as:

  • Burning Sensations Near the Eye
  • Gritty Feeling Eyes
  • Fluctuating Vision
  • Involuntary Watering of the Eyes
  • Redding of the Eyes

Causes of Dry Eye

  • Age
  • Usage of Digital Devices
  • Various Medications
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Previous Eye Surgery

Consult With an Optometric Physician

Report any dry eye symptoms to us so that we can perform a thorough tear film and corneal assessment, as well as develop a customized treatment plan.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

  • Artificial Tears (Preserved or Non-Preserved)
  • Punctal Plugs (Tear Duct Occlusion)
  • Prescription Strength Drops
  • Topical Steroids
  • Prescription Medications
  • Nutritional Supplements

Dry eye tends to be a chronic condition that does not go away. However, the symptoms can be minimized with proper treatment and management.