Carolyn LoBocchiaro, O.D. Optometric Physician
Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

New Jersey’s Trusted Optometric Physician
“There’s More to an Eye Exam Than Just Reading the Chart.”

Adult and Pediatric Exams

Quality Ocular Exams for Better Eye Health

At Freehold Eye & Vision Care, we conduct various exams to provide patients with comprehensive solutions that address their current and potential vision concerns. 

The results from these exams are then used to give patients the treatments they need to achieve perfect vision and optimal eye health.

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Prescription Assessments

Finding the best prescription for your lifestyle can drastically improve your ocular health. Dr. LoBocchiaro’s refractive skills are excellent at prescribing the best correction for your individual needs.

Whether you like to read a lot or need to see clearly at various working distances simultaneously, we will take the time to find the prescription that works best for you.

Visual Skills Assessments

Our visual skills assessments test many visual skills required for sustained clear, single, and comfortable vision. Deficiencies in these skills can lead to poor performance at school or work, headaches, eyestrain, double vision, and other issues.

We assess the following visual skills:

  • Eye Teaming
  • Eye Focusing
  • Eye Movement
  • Depth Perception

Eye Teaming Skills

Do the two eyes aim, move, and work as a coordinated team? If this is lacking, the patient may experience symptoms such as headaches, double vision, and poor depth perception.

Eye Focusing Skills

Do the eyes maintain clear vision at varying distances? Rapid, automatic eye focus adjustment is critical to learning, reading, writing, copying from the chalkboard, sports, etc. Deficiencies can cause visual fatigue, reduced reading comprehension, and/or avoidance of close work and other activities.

Eye Movement Skills

Do eye movements show adequate muscle control, tracking, fixation, etc.? In the classroom, normal eye movements allow rapid and accurate shifting of the eyes along a line of print or from book to desk to board, etc. In sports, efficient eye movements contribute to eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, and accurate tracking.

Depth Perception

How precisely are the eyes working together in order to see objects optimally in 3D. Are the eyes able to judge the relative distance between objects? Deficiencies in depth perception can cause many problems, such as difficulties in driving a car, threading a needle, pouring into a container, and throwing, catching, and hitting a ball.

Color Perception Exams

People that have a color vision deficiency often are unaware of it until they are tested. Although color vision deficiencies are not usually the cause of any significant disability, they can be very frustrating to those affected by them.

Our office color perception exam will help patients determine the type of color blindness they have and recommend lifestyle changes to compensate for these deficiencies.

Ocular Health Assessments

The assessment of the health of your eyes is an integral part of every exam. Not only do eye exams help determine your ocular health, but they can also help detect other diseases and conditions, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Freehold Eye & Vision Care recommends yearly assessments to help maintain exceptional ocular health. Our ocular assessments include the following tests:

  • Visual Field Testing
  • Glaucoma Screening and Treatment
  • Photographic Ocular Examinations

Contact Lens Exams

We conduct exams to prescribe state-of-the-art contact lenses that are made of materials that allow the eyes to breathe better and stay healthier. Our office carries several types of lenses, from disposables to multifocal.

Our contact lens exams include insertion and removal training (if needed) and all necessary follow-up visits.

Telehealth Examinations

Our office offers telehealth examinations to new and existing patients. Get exceptional ocular care and prescriptions from the comfort of your home. Request a virtual appointment and get a registration form and a link to check into our virtual waiting room.